les éditions du samedi

The association

Non-profit association founded in March 2015, les éditions du samedi is, as you now know, expected to publish short and stylish novels to share with fellow friends even if they don't speak French. It's run by your devoted Anne-Laure Bureau and Julie Vasseur, who intend to put into practice what they learned during their publishing studies for texts they like.

They are helped by people believing in their project and collaborating to it, such as Lola Lecoutour, for the graphic identity, as well as Joanne Abellar for the font and Benoît, Cécile, Eva, Julia, Léa, Marie B., Marie J., Mélody and Siham for the reading committee. They also are surrounded with a modest but lovely translators and correctors network, whose names will be revealed the concrete times approaching. Not forgetting the myriad of anonymous people who amongst their forum fellows, friends, family and colleagues are always eager to give them their opinion, advice and encouragements.

If you want to know more about it all and if you're not repulsed by French administration documents, you can read the associations statutes or you can leave us a message using the contact page.

Please note that it's now possible to become a member online just below or by sending your membership form by email or regular mail. On this page, you can also donate ;)


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Available documents (written in French)