les éditions du samedi

Call for stories

Without any deadline, we're looking for short novels (between 30.000 to 50.000 words) to launch and keep alive our first bilingual collection ("les traversées") which main theme will be about travel.

‘Travel’ has for us many different meanings: it could be a physical travel of course but also interior, social... What we're interested in is how you deal with particular journeys, unprecedented paths; with the bubbling departures, the road chaos, arrivals; with the connexions, the lack of connexions, the route changes; with the appropriation, the alteration of the road; with the relationship with rooted or moving surroundings etc. So, yes, defitinely: travel in a broad sense.

As for the form part, any genre is ok for us. We're looking for fictions written in French preferably, because it's our mother tongue, but if you have a text in Spanish or English that meets with our editorial line, we're most ready to have a look at it. Anyway, the language we'd like to publish is astute, flexible, rhythmic, marked by a personal style, of course, and accessible to everyone.

You think you have on your hard drive a text answering this call? Nice! Please send it to us whenever you feel it, in a .doc or .odt (.pdf if necessary) file at contact[at]editionsdusamedi.fr (replace [at] by the @ ;)).


To sum up with a list:

For our collection "les traversées", we're looking for novels respecting the following:

  • type: novel/fiction;
  • theme: travel, in the broad sense;
  • volume: between 30.000 to 50.000 words;
  • literary genre: the one you feel the most comfortable with;
  • format: .doc or .odt preferably, otherwise .pdf;
  • sending: thanks for sending your text by email to contact[at]editionsdusamedi.fr.