les éditions du samedi


Les éditions du samedi is a non-profit association which publishes books. It's based on the idea that literature is above all about sharing, that is to say that we don't want books to be consumer objects only; we don't want books to be for the exclusive enjoyment of an intellectual elite either: what we do want is books as a means of exchange.

To achieve this goal, we'd like to get rid of borders:
- of literary genre: we're ready to read and publish any sort of literature, would it be contemporary fiction or fantasy;
- of language: our books will be bilingual, in French on one side and in English or Spanish -to begin with- on the other;
- and of format: our books will be available in print as well as in electronic versions - without DRM.

To sum up, we rely on our authors to make us travel and we count on our readers to make the books they love travel by sharing them with the wanderers of this planet, whether they speak French or not. As for us, we're giving ourselves this very mission: to be this movement's propeller, which means finding and steering to you all a whole horde of small, humble but powerful novels.

In addition to the catalogue page, you can have a look at our call for stories and at the presentation of our association. If you don't want to miss any news, just follow up with our blog or Facebook / Twitter or by subscribing to our newsletter:

See you pretty soon!